Sunday, April 2, 2017


 This week was so rich, so full of stress, but so rewarding. We taught a lot, planned a lot, and we were totally pooped by Saturday night. We had zone training this week, which went really well, and we also had Stake MCM. We met with Tom again, and we had a decent amount of dinner appointments. 
     So things really kicked off on Wednesday evening, when we got to meet with Steve! The member we brought with us had just recently been sealed to his family in the temple, and it was really cool to hear of his experiences, and how he had to learn to feel the spirit again. The lesson was so good, and Steve is finally progressing!!! 😃 We were planning on teaching him about the plan of Salvation, but the spirit took the lesson to a whole different ballpark, which is what it needed. 
     Then we had Zone Training on Thursday, and that went really well. It started off a little weird, only because President Bingham didn't show up for like, an hour and a half. All the people we had asked to teach did really well, and especially a member from the Stake high council, Brother Scrogham. He had just done a ward mission leader training, and he was to inform us, the missionaries, on some changes and suggestions he had taught that hopefully would help missionary work with ward members go a little more smoothly. When he began his lesson, he bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. What he said exactly I won't say, but he testified of how rare of on opportunity it is to represent Jesus Christ. This rang so true for me, and it made me want to be the best missionary I can possibly be. For all my friends that are missionaries, think about it. You literally represent Jesus Christ. Wow.. 
     In my studies this week I had sort of an epiphany. Because this week dumped very high expectations on our shoulders, you could say we were a little stressed out. During the week prior, in zone Conference President Bingham taught a lot about Charity, and how it's so important to exhibit charity in all you actions. One morning as I was studying Preach My Gospel under charity, this line jumped out at me differently than in times past. It reads, speaking of Charity, "You will avoid negative feelings such as anger, envy, lust, or covetousness. You will avoid judging others, criticizing them, or saying negative things about them." Of this line I thought to myself that if I can have more charity, all other things will fall into place. 
     So that's about it for this week. Transfers are happening Tuesday, we're staying together, but Elder Ackley goes home 😢 I was fortunate to serve around him my very first transfer out in the field, and his last one. 
     Love y'all, I hope your week is pretty gosh darn great!

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps 

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