Sunday, April 2, 2017

The White Stallion

Hey everyone!
     So this week was a little rough, but there were definitely some
diamonds in there, so that's what I'll tell you about. Okay, so to
tart off, we weren't able to do a lot of teaching, so we did A LOT of
finding. At the end of the week we started to see some really cool
blessings come from it. Saturday evening our ward had a family game
night, run by a part member family, the Wildmans. They did n amazing
job. They did "The Price is Right" with everyone, and it was super
fun. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that, but a miracle
that night was that the Elberts came to the game night, and they had a
soooo much fun!!! That was a great experience because they aren't
really progressing, and we technically dropped them. So the fact that
they accepted our invitation to attend a ward event was awesome. Katie
Elbert even participated in The Price Is Right lol it was a lot of
     The last miracle I had for this week is a member referral we
received from the bishop's oldest son, the Forte family. We've
actually never heard of them, and after digging through the depths of
our area book we found that they could use a visit. When we went over
we found out that there is only a Sister Forte, and that she lives
with her Ex-husband's parents, who said that she really needs a visit.
It was cool to see The Lord's timing in everything leading up to our
stop-by. Side note, they have the coolest dog ever. He's a Rottweiler,
and he's HUGE, but he's a teddy bear. Lol anyway we will make
subsequent visits and try to catch her and her kids.
     Now some exciting news, we got a new mission vehicle. Instead of
the Nissan Frontier (which is a truck), we now have a WHITE 2017
Toyota Tacoma (this the email header).. it literally had 14 miles on
the odometer when we picked it up. It's probably the nicest thing I'll
drive for a long time lol P-day was fun, and waaaaay longer. So there
have been some changes to the missionary schedule, and they're pretty
cool. They allow us to get more sleep, NOT DO NIGHTLY PLANNING 😍, and
have a longer P-day. I don't know, the changes were definitely new,
but really refreshing. I'm glad the morning schedule has some more
flexibility, and that we can get some more sleep, sleep is always
good. Alright well pics are to come, truck pics will come next week. I
love you all!
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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