Sunday, April 2, 2017

14 Months??

 So I guess I've been out for a little while.. I just noticed that
this week... Lol anyway we had some pretty cool experiences to go
along with my realization that time flies.
     First off, WE GOT A MEDIA REFERRAL. HOLY CRAP. I've been in Lake
Villa now for almost 4 months, and this is the first one we've
received. So we visited him to drop off the Book of Mormon he
requested and we got talking about how he came upon the church. He
proceeded to explain that he is going through a pretty nasty divorce
and that circumstances have turned him towards the Lord. He invited
back and expressed an interest in learning more about our beliefs. I
was so happy. I went from an that gets waaaaaaaaay too many referrals
that really aren't that solid to an area that gets literally zero..
     We also had zone conference on Thursday, which was so awesome
(partly because we didn't have to plan or teach at all). The main
theme of the meeting was exhibiting the Christ like attribute of
Charity, or, pure love. I've studied these before in personal and
companion study countless times, and yet the spirit found a way to
open my eyes to the big picture. In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul tells us
that without charity we are nothing. If you haven't read 1st
Corinthians, I highly recommend it, just btw. A way I thought to
explain charity is that it's the foundation for spiritual growth and
development. When you see people come to Christ, the first change I've
always noticed in their behavior is that they express more love and
kindness to others, especially to us as missionaries. When one has
charity, everything else seems to fall into place. Just something I
thought was cool. President Bingham is so inspired, and what he has
taught us will effect our lives to the end.
     We also went on exchanges with the Gurnee 1 Elders, and it was a
blast. I stayed in the area with Elder Urry (pics to come), and we had
a blast. It just so happened that the day we went on exchanges was
kind of a slow day, but we did a ton of contacting. We had a lunch
appointment with the Elberts, and it was really cool. Elder Urry is
from Oakley, Utah, which I guess is sort of by Park City (lol when
you're Mormon but don't know Utah), anyway it's a really small town.
So Jordan Elberts grew up there, which is crazy because I've known
Elder Urry for my whole mission, and when I met the Elberts four
months ago I thought to myself, 'man, it would be cool if Elder Urry
came up here so he could meet someone else from Oakley.' IT WAS SOOO
     That's about it for this week. The weather was better this week,
it was in the twenties and thirties all week, so it was pretty warm.
There were a few days it got down to like, 6 or 7 degrees, but it
didn't last long. I was able to experience freezing rain, which is
slightly terrifying if you're from California, where we don't have the
season of winter. I also slipped and fell... Twice 😂😂😅😬 haha the
only ice we had back home was in my drink, or in the freezer. I love
you all!

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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