Sunday, April 2, 2017

Successful Tracting

Hey all!
     This week bore a lot of fruit. To kick things off we met with a lady named Maria, who used to meet with the missionaries. She lives literally right across the street from the Bishop's family. The lesson went fairly well, and our member present is a recent RM named JC, and he bore a really powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
      We also had some really cool finding experiences. This week our DCMs were pretty dismal, but they were more effective results wise than ever before to be honest. We tracked in an area around a less active couple, the Winkowskis, and out of the 19 DCMs we got in that area, we got 2 return appointments, and two really good conversations about faith and our beliefs. Not only that, but they came one house after another. At first no one was very receptive, but at the very end, it was as if the Lord was like, "I told you I would give you people to teach." Of course we won't know how solid these people are until that return appointment date comes to pass, but I just felt so happy. I feel like I deal with people rejecting the Gospel pretty well, in that I don't get personally offended. But when these people took the time time to listen to us, it was nice. My joy was full at that moment. 
     We also had MLC this week, and we got a lot of council.. haha we have been given a lot of opportunities to improve and grow as missionaries. 
     That's about it for this week. For P-day today we played some rugby 🏉 , it was really fun, but we got all muddy lol 
I love you all!

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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