Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Beginnings

Hey everyone!
     This week has been a much needed revamp, and it was awesome! So
transfers have have come and gone, and my new companion is Elder
Carter! He's so cool. When I was down on the South Side he was my Zone
Leader, so it's really cool to be companions with him. We've been
tearing it up so far, even though our first few days were pretty
     On Tuesday we got our monthly calendar, and were informed that we
were to have zone training on Friday. Normally zone training is fairly
simple to plan for. We get a template for the APs, and then we pass it
on our of our zone. Instead, we had to plan the whole 3 hour meeting,
and it was quite the challenge. On Thursday afternoon, we were making
our final preparations for the meeting, when we got a call saying that
another meeting was going to happen that night, and that we needed to
compile an entire report in a couple hours. We may or may not have
wanted to freak out a little.. lol but it all went well. We were able
to quickly compile our report, and plan the rest of zone training but
the end of the night. This week may have had a lot of administrative
work, but it felt good.
     On Sunday night we had a really good member lesson with the Snow
family. Elder Carter and I taught the restoration, and the spirit was
so strong. Sister Snow read the first vision, and just about everyone
tearing up. They have recently been talking with a family friend that
is interested in the gospel, and we left them with an invitation to
have their friends taught in their home-which the Snows happily
accepted. We are going to meet them on Wednesday, and we are pumped.
     In other news, it is so freaking cold here. Like I remember
watching the Show Planet Earth and thinking, "Man, Antarctica doesn't
look so bad, I think I could live there." No, no you can't. It was 10
under yesterday without windchill, and I just couldn't wrap my head
around how cold I was. I don't think I've ever felt my eyeballs get
cold until Yesterday, and it kinda sucks! I did think it was kinda
cool though, like, doing missionary work in the Arctic Tundra is
definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
     We also had our ward Christmas party, and it was a blast! There
were two part member families who attended AND participated, it was
great. I also looked at our meal calendar (that's where members sign
up to have the missionaries over one night during the month for
dinner) and saw that the next three weeks are completely booked!
     Love you all, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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