Sunday, April 2, 2017

It finally SNOWED!!!

Happy December everyone!

     I hope you all had a great start to the month. Since Christmas is
approaching, I want to briefly reflect on my time as a missionary.
This time last year, I was serving in the North Shore second ward
during my first six weeks in the mission field. It was strange,
really. As I was doing my best to adjust to, and take on the mindset
of being a missionary, I often wondered where I would be serving in a
year, where would the Lord lead me, and who I would become. For some
reason I thought that when I hit my year mark I would be all seasoned,
and know what I was doing, but I don't. I mean when you follow the
rules and keep yourself accountable the Lord will direct you to where
He needs you to be, but there is so much that you just put on the
Lord. When we are obedient to the standards that have been set for
full time missionary work (or normal life), the Lord is able to bless
us. Often times we look at rules and standards as restricting, that
they keep us from enjoying all that life has to offer. In reality God
has put commandments in place for our benefit. There is a saying
somewhere on the internet that says, "true love is to give what is
needed, rather than what is wanted." And isn't this the case with our
Heavenly Father? Think of it. We read in the book of Moses that the
work and glory of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is to "...bring to
pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moses 1:39). They have
given us commandments whereby we can grow spiritually, and upon which
we may be blessed. When you are obedient to the commandments God has
given us, we will surely benefit from them.
     One thing I want to share was an experience Elder Hansen and I
had yesterday. To give a little bit of background, Elder Hansen had an
investigator when he served in the Logan Square area named Tommy.
Tommy was a heroine addict and had been meeting with the missionaries
for about a month straight, and was set to be baptized. Unfortunately
he overdosed and died before he met his date, but during the course of
his learning with Elder Hansen, Tommy asked so many questions that
truly came from his soul. He cared so much for his family, and always
talked highly of them. Last night, we had the opportunity to meet with
Tommy's family, and it was a very somber experience. At the time of
Tommy's passing, his family didn't really know where he was at on a
personal level However Elder Hansen did, I won't include all the
details but he was able to share some experiences he had with Tommy
that his family did not know, and in turn they shared so much
gratitude. It was by far the most spiritual experience I have been
apart of. I didn't know Tommy, yet as I observed his family I couldn't
help feel how much they loved him.
     In other news, IT SNOWED 😃😃🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️😃🌨☃️ I'm so happy!
Hahaha anyway love you all, stay awesome.

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