Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hey guys!
     So I totally procrastinated writing my email last night, so I'm not sure how long this email will be. This last week was a little hectic, but I just want to share a couple highlights. 
      Lately Elder Hansen and I have been pretty busy in the more administrative aspect of missionary work, which at first was a little frustrating. However this gave us the opportunity to really focus in our efforts on the appointments we had set for the day, namely members who signed up to feed us. This last week held some of the best teaching moments I've had with members my whole mission. I'll use last night for example. We ate at the Johnson's home. Brother Johnson is the former bishop of the ward, his wife is in the primary presidency, and they have four young children. I don't know them that well, and have never eaten in their home before, yet Elder Hansen and I connected with them so well. In the lesson we had after dinner, we shared how we would love to give our mothers a great big hug, and how we miss our families, and then invited the Johnson children to treat their parents well, because one day they will go on a mission, and they will wish they had treated their mother better. 
     Funny story of the week: on Saturday we got a call from some Elders who needed help moving a piano out of a member's home. We moved the piano down some stairs, after which the members told us that the piano was ours, and we could do what we wanted with it. No one really needed or wanted a piano, so we took it to a pawn shop. We all had enough money to go out to eat for lunch today lol 
     That's about it for today, we're playing basketball for P-day, and we went to a pretty good burger joint for lunch. Love you all!
-Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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