Monday, October 10, 2016


Hi Everyone!

     This week was really busy, and we had a lot of really cool
miracles while finding. Today we are going to be playing some beach
volleyball, it should be fun. To kick things off, we stopped by a
teaching appointment with a lady named Pearl early so we could get
some finding in. Pearl's neighborhood is really rough, but the rough
neighborhoods always have some really good people in them. We ran into
this guy named Marcus and his two nephews, Jordan and Shaq... Lol
anyway right off the bat he recognized us as missionaries, which made
us really happy, and we had a really good conversation about his past,
and the restoration, and it was really cool. There was a point in our
discussion where a car drove by behind us, and Jordan threw some signs
at whoever was in the car, and we thought someone was going to start
shooting. Thankfully nothing happened 😊 we were able to get Marcus's
info, gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about
it, and we got a picture with them! Super cool.

     That next evening (Wednesday) we were doing some 'referral
finding' in the southern portion of our area, and we stopped by a
referral who ended up not being home. Walking back to the car, I just
felt like we needed to talk to somebody. So I stopped and asked my
companion, "you ready to build your faith Elder?" So we said a prayer
and started to walk. We didn't really have any particular direction,
but I knew that the Lord was leading us on. About five minutes later,
we came across this lady named Sarah, Who had a Mexican accent but
could speak English very well. After speaking with her, she offered to
feed us dinner, and that we could come back and share a message. We
must've looked a little confused, because she explained that in the
Bible, if servants of the Lord come to your home, and you take them
in, you will be blessed. She said that if we ever wanted a meal, to
just show up and she would feed us. We are going back this week to
teach her, and if she feeds us we will be very grateful. Right after
that, we stopped by another referral who also wasn't home. We said
another prayer and started to walk. A few minutes later my companion
picked a house to knock, where we met Willis. He grew up Baptist, but
was open to the idea of the restoration. We got his info, scheduled a
time to come back, and then invited him to read from the Book of

    That's about it for this week. I love you all, thank you for your
prayers. I can feel them everyday.
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps
Sent from the Lord's hastening device

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