Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey, my favorite people!

     Man, oh man where do I begin? So to start off, transfers are
tomorrow, and I'm leaving the South Side! 😒😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I'm heading to the Northern most Part of the mission as a Zone Leader
with Elder Hansen, one of the missionaries I came out with. We are
going to be whitewashing as well, so that should be fun... Hahaha I am
really excited for this next transfer. I'm going to be in an all new
area of the mission, and I get to go on exchanges with all the
different Elders up there, and we have the opportunity to teach at
Zone Training meetings! To be honest with you, transfer calls were
very surprising for both me, and Elder Fuchigami. Transfer calls
always come the Saturday before any changes occur, however on Friday
night we got a call from our mission president. It had us a little
worried because he doesn't usually call us. My companion answered the
phone and they talked for a little while, and then he handed the phone
to me. President asked a couple questions and then then told me that
he was calling me to be a zone leader, although he did not tell me
where or with whom I should be serving with. About five minutes after
I hung the phone up, president called us back, and this time he wanted
to speak with my companion, where he found out that he will be
training again! This will be Elder Fuchigami's 6th time training.
Super excited!

     On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the temple with Larry
for the first time. It was awesome. Right before we got ready to

change for baptisms, a temple worker talked with us about the
different symbols that are in the baptismal font, and how the place of
Christ's baptism represents His descention below all things. The river
Jordan is the lowest point on the earth with "living water," and one
of Christ's names is the fountain of living waters. It was also my
first time being the baptizer, and I loved it! Larry wasn't able to
get into the water, but he was confirmed for all twenty names we had

     We also had our district finding on Friday! We set up a table
near a CTA bus depot/train station and invited them to be baptized. We
had to be so bold, I loved it! We met a lot of really good people and
gained a lot of new potential investigators... Even though I won't
even be here in the area 😒

     On Saturday we did some service for a brother in the ward who
needed new front steps. The concrete steps in front of his home were
completely destroyed, and we went over and helped repair them. It was
a lot of fun, intense work and I was able to learn a lot about
carpentry work. Elder Goggia, one of the Senior missionaries, and
Brother Maxi, a member of the ward, both have lots of experience in
carpentry and had to do a lot to fix these steps. First we cleared
away a lot of concrete with drills and chisels, then we did some
measurements with the steps which some brothers used to create a mold
for the new steps out of some spare lumber, then we mixed and poured
and formed the concrete into the mold on the steps. This was pretty
much an all day project, and towards the end my job was to pour and
smooth out the concrete into the mold, and then form and smooth the
steps before the concrete settled. It was fun, and once I got the hang
of it, I started to get some of the finer details in the process.
Anyway it's definitely something I'd enjoy as a future career.

     Speaking of work, Elder Goggia and his wife are from Alaska, and
he owns a fishing tour guide buisness called Hook-y Charters, and he's
really good at what he does. Like, whenever general authorities go up
to Alaska and they want to go fishing he takes them out. For example
President Hinkley and his wife went up and Elder Goggia took the
mission he has a job lined up for me in Alaska taking people fishing
on the Kenai river!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccckkkkk yeah!!!

     So that's about it for this week. Transfers are crazy, my
district is the best and will be missed greatly, and I'm going to
Alaska eventually! Love y'all peeps.
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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