Monday, October 10, 2016


     So this week was sort of a crazy one. I'm now in the northern most zone of the mission, and I have to say that the culture here is VERY different than that of the South Side. We actually get fed in this ward, there way more youth, and the ward is pretty into missionary work. Elder Hansen and I had a kind of a trial by fire this week, as the Zone Leaders who came before us decided to not do their report needed for stake MCM, a meeting that involves the mission president and members of the stake presidency. So we sort of compiled a report the best we could lol it was fun. Luckily everyone was merciful to us and now we know what to do for next time. 

     We also did a lot of contacting this week, and I must say that it was the most successful contacting I have ever done. Our mission president has really been stressing the importance of 'diligent contacting.' When we as missionaries contact someone, we try to get their contact information, address, and set up a return appointment. Many time, we are lucky if we can talk to a person long enough to ask them, but recently we've discovered a new approach. What we do is we take a picture of the 'First Vision' and ask people if they've ever seen the picture before. We already know that most of the people we talk to have never seen it in their lives, and then we tell them that what the picture represents is why we're out on our missions, and why we're at their door. So far we've found three families that are interested in being taught, and a couple more individuals who are interested as well. For all my missionary buds out there, this approach works!

     Honestly not much has happened yet. We had to go to the mission office last week for some stuff, and today Elder Hansen is going to the doctor for his knee (please pray for his knee.   Today for P-day we're going to play some basketball, and I'm excited to have a companion who enjoys physical exercise! Anyway sorry for the short email, I promise to have more in the future.

Love y'all!
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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