Monday, October 10, 2016

Hey y'all!!!

     Where do I even begin?.. The whole week is just a blur. Among
some really exciting experiences we had, Larry got baptized, we got 2
mini missionaries when we weren't supposed to get any, and we got an
AMAZING referral!

     Larry's baptism was so cool. He suffers from Multiple Sclerosis,
and is wheelchair bound. However, he can stand. It was a little nerve
wracking getting him into the font, but it was a success! To baptize
him, we put a chair in the font for Larry to sit in, and had the two
mini missionaries (who were both priests) in the font with me and
Larry. We had to fill up the font as much as we could so that when we
tipped him back into the water his feet wouldn't pop up! The baptism
went really well, and we were able to get Larry in and out of the font
without a problem. That was a HUGE blessing. Larry is a stud, and
we're really excited for the path that Heavenly Father has for him.

     Our mini missionaries were Benjamin and Jose from the Midway
Ward, and we had a really fun time with them. At first we were only
supposed to get one mini missionary, but while we were on our way to
pick him up, we got a text saying he wasn't going to be there. We were
almost at the church building, where everyone was meeting their
missionaries, so we decided to go to the meeting as was planned. As
youth were assigned companionships, there were two youth who did not
get assigned to a set of missionaries. The bishop then turned to us
and asked us if we would take them... Uhhh, yeah we'll take them.
Hahaha we had a really good time with Ben and Jose, and we saw a lot
of miracles with them there. The first appointment we with them was
some service for a potential investigator named Jerry. As we started
to work, it began to rain lightly. Out of NO WHERE, it dumped more
rain than I have ever seen in my entire life! We were in it for no
more than 10-15 seconds, and we got soaked, head to toe. Everything
was sopping wet. On Saturday, we were stopping by some referrals with
Jose and Ben, when we had a spontaneous finding opportunity placed
into our hands. We were trying to contact a lady in the projects, but
only her daughter was home. After getting some contact information
from her, we started to walk around, looking for people sitting in
front of their home when we stumbled across a couple with a dead car
battery. We offered to give them a jump, and in the process were able
to give them a Book of Mormon! They work at an Amazon warehouse and
are very spiritual, although they do not claim any specific
denomination. We got their contact information, and our mini
missionaries did a lot of the talking! It was a really cool

     One more contact we made that night was a referral we got for a
guy named Joseph. Defined as a self referral, the description of him
was that he wanted to change his life, and felt that God spoke to him
through a Book of Mormon add on Pandora radio. He struggles with his
temper, and has pushed away his loved ones because of it. Joseph is
incredibly humble, and is willing to listen and learn how to control
his temper and grow closer to his Heavenly Father. We were also able
to meet his sister and brother in law, who have expressed interest in
meeting with us as well. There were just way too many miracles to put
in one email haha

     I will send some pictures today, I'm really bad at that 😬
Love y'all,
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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