Monday, October 10, 2016

A Good Week

Hey guys!

     So this week was one of the best weeks of my mission by far, and
I just want to share a few miracles with you. On Tuesday we had two
lessons and a blessing scheduled before the afternoon, and we were
planning on taking a recent convert named Robin with us. After these
first three appointments we had another blessing scheduled for a woman
in Orland Park, who is very close to passing from this life, and we
hoped to use that tender experience in exercising our priesthood to
give Robin something to look forward to in his future as a worthy
priesthood holder.

     On Tuesday morning we picked up Robin and headed to our first few
appointments, just to find out that they all canceled on us.
Determined to make effective use of our time, we decided to stop by a
less active named Lance Tatum. We were able to get in with him (with
Robin) and he told us his conversion story, and all the trials that he
passed through to get to this point in his life. He opened up about
how he had been really sick, and had not come to church in awhile, and
that he really wants to come back. Robin was able to bear his
testimony to Lance, who really appreciated feeling that spirit coming
from a recent convert.

     After seeing Lance, we went to go give a blessing to a woman
named Shirley Vigliotti. She is the mother of a less active sister in
the Chicago Heights area, who requested we give Shirley on last
blessing. With Robin still tagging along, we went to the nursing where
Shirley resides. As we entered her room, Shirley's body is but a ghost
of what she used to be, physically speaking. There was an incredible
spirit that filled the atmosphere, and it was as if her loved ones on
the other side of the veil were just waiting to welcome her to the
other side. As we payed our hands upon her head, the spirit was very
strong, and guided Elder Fuchigami very specifically in his words. As
we finished Robin had a very somber attitude about him, and we were
able to inform him of the many ways we can use the priesthood to bless
the lives of others.

     After the blessing we stopped for lunch at Subway and just got to
know him a little bit more. He is an amazing soccer player, and played
professionally for Leeds in England. He is attending college at SXU,
but isn't allowed to play on the team because he's already played as a
pro. At the moment he is training to be on Chicago's MLS team, the
Chicago Fire. After lunch we went to drop him off at his apartment and
he asked for a blessing. In the blessing Heavenly Father wanted him to
know that his goal of playing professional soccer was a worthy one,
and that as he stayed true and faithful to the covenants he made at
baptism the Lord would bless his efforts.

     The last bit of exciting news is that Larry is getting baptized
on Saturday!!! I'm so proud of the progress he's made spiritually and
I feel honored to be apart of this pivotal point in his life.
Today we are in the city, I will send pics a little bit later.
Love you all!

Till next week,
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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