Monday, October 10, 2016

Hey guys!

     First off, I hope everyone had a great experience watching conference this weekend, we are truly blessed to hear from our inspired leaders. A general theme that I found throughout all of the sessions is highlighted by a talk given by Elder Kazuhito. Throughout his talk, he asks the question, "are we being ambitious for Christ?" What a question! If we are troubled by the world around us, or find ourselves doubting the Church or it's leadership, we need to examine our testimony and love for the savior. Are we being ambitious in serving the Lord, and striving to be more like him? I just really loved that.

    Now to this week. So last week I think I mentioned that we really want our zone to emphasize diligent contacts. If we increase the number of diligent contacts made each day, eventually our teaching pool will grow. Our mission President compared growing our teaching pool to boiling a pot of water. At first, you crank the heat up on the stove, or in missionary terms, you hit the contacting hard for a couple weeks. Eventually, you find more and more people to teach, and you transition from a lot of finding, to a lot of teaching, and you don't have to find as much. This week, we taught a lot, and we didn't have to find as much! 

     One lesson we had this week was a dinner with a member family who recently was sealed in the temple! My companion and I both hold a special place in our hearts for families that are sealed in the temple, as bot of us are in families that have adopted children. Definitely a tender experience meeting them. The fun part of the dinner is when we talked with their neighbors, who attended dinner as well. Unbeknownst to me, the couple are very devout nondenominational christians, who have strong testimonies of their 'born again' experiences. It was probably the first respectful  'bible bash' I've every seen or been apart of. I also was reminded that I really don't know the Bible as well as I thought. I have tried to incorporate it in my studies, and I would like to get through all of it by March of next year, but these people were crazy. Although they were great people, and truly believe what they have been taught, they would not open their hearts to the testimony of the spirit in what we said. Elder Hansen and I. Otha feel strongly to keep meeting with them, despite our lack of real progress, and we are bringing President Bingham to the next lesson, who knows the scriptures better than anyone I know.  We pray that their hearts will be softened.

     Other than that, tomorrow for P-day we will be going fishing! I'm so excited!!! 
Love y'all, have a good week!

-Elder Fa'afewaffles 

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