Monday, July 25, 2016

Survivor Man: Wendy's Edition

Alright so this last week was quite the adventure. Our week began (for
the most part) on Wednesday, when we had a zone conference. It was
such a bittersweet experience because it was our mission president's
last zone conference before he goes home. At the end of every zone
meeting we sing 'Hope of Israel,' and at the beginning of the last
chorus we all do one big fist pump in the air... I promise it's not as
weird as it sounds lol anyway it was an emotional day for everyone.
     On Thursday we went over to a less active woman's home for
dinner, and we shared a message about the importance of the priesthood
especially when it comes to the temple. As we talked together she
expressed a sincere desire to go through the temple and receive all
the blessings that are offered there. Oh, her name is Sister McGhee
btw. Sister McGhee is inactive only because of her physical condition,
and loves it when the missionaries are able to bring the spirit into
her home. We really don't get fed all that much, but her efforts to
feed us bring her soooo many blessings.
     Friday we went on exchanges, and the day day was a little slow.
All of our appointments cancelled on us and we resorted to some good
old finding to fill the rest of the day. The first lady we decided to
visit wasn't home, but we were able to contact her brother. We were
able to give him a bible and a Book of Mormon and invited him to read
from and pray about its truthfulness. Afterwards we decided to tract
the rest of the street and we only found success at the very last
house we knocked. A younger gentleman opened the door and after
exchanging pleasantries, we knew he couldn't understand English all
that well. So we relied on the spirit. Elder Carter (one of my zone
leaders) and I both testified of the truthfulness of the Book of
Mormon and the abundance of blessings that come from abiding by its
precepts. He didn't understand anything we said, but his posture
changed, that look on his face went from uncomfortable and annoyed, to
calm and tranquil, but confused as to why he suddenly felt so good. We
were able to get through the language barrier that there are
missionaries like us who speak Spanish and he got really excited. The
Lord knows our hearts, if we work hard for the right reasons, he is
bound to bless us.
     Side not to Friday night. We planned to meet up at a Wendy's
about half way between our areas. On our way to exchange back we got a
call from the other ZL and my companion telling us to meet somewhere
across the street. When we got there, there were like, seven or eight
polices cars surrounding the Wendy's along with a fire truck and an
ambulance. There was a shooting just before we arrived and both
companionships had a delayed start on the drive. The Lord truly
watches out for his children, and I testify that He does so. I love
you all, thank you for your support and love. Till next week!
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

Here is a P-day pic. We went to the Chicago Botanical Garden as a zone

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