Monday, July 25, 2016

Corn Rage!!!

This last week was a good one.
     So for P-day Last week we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens.
I already sent some pics, but have more that I'll send today. On
Tuesday it was SO humid, like, as soon as we left our apartment
building we were sweating. To add to that, all of our appointments
fell through, leaving us with some good old finding. We went to work,
trying to get in contact with referrals that seemed difficult to find.
We stopped by this lady named Debra, but a nurse answered the door and
said she wasn't feeling well, so we decided to tract the whole street.
We were in an area with a little more money, so the resistance we
received was a little worse than usual. 10 houses later, at the
opposite corner, a man waves us down from the sidewalk in front of
Debra's house. So we walked alllll the way back and met with Debra.
She has had really low blood sugar and lost her only sister about a
week ago. She was feeling a lot of grief, and we were able to share
the plan of salvation with her, that they will be able to be with each
other again. It was such a cool experience.
     On Friday we helped this guy move who was flooding the mission
office with calls asking for help. We ended up going over there and
they literally have no connection to the church. During the move they
asked A TON of questions about the church and the missionary program.
It was a fun being able to serve and share the gospel at the same
      We were at a member's home yesterday and were fed corn on the
cob among other things. In our conversation something came up about
rage, and one of the members thought I said I had 'corn rage...'
Hahaha we had a good laugh and apparently I turn into the Hulk at the
sight of corn lol
     Today we had a zone activity! We went to a park by the lake and
played soccer, kickball, Chicago Ball (basically softball), and
capture the flag. We combined with the Spanish zone and it was a lot
of fun. I got to see all the elders and it was just refreshing to talk
with all the other missionaries. Well that's about it, I love you all,
talk to you next week!
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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