Monday, July 25, 2016

It's Getting Hot

Hi everyone!

     So this week was kinda slow... Literally all of our teaching
appointments cancelled on us. However, that opened up our window for
finding! We did a lot of tracting around referrals and met couple
pretty solid people. The lady I am most excited about is named Gladys.
We met her tracting through a neighborhood on Wednesday (I think it
was Wednesday) when we saw a few women sitting on their front porch.
We began talking with the woman who lived there when her friend Gladys
walked outside with us. After speaking with Gladys we found out that
she was spending time with a friend that day, and that she used to
meet with missionaries! We were able to setup an appointment for next
week and she is beginning to read the Book of Mormon again!
     Apart from finding we did a lot of service, most of which took
place outside in the humidity. I have never really experienced
humidity before until around last Tuesday, and it kinda sucks lol
humidity in normal clothes is uncomfortable, but humidity in
proselytizing clothes (dress slacks, white dress shirt, tie), causes
much sweating. On Thursday we did service for a friend of a member
where cleaned and organized their garage. I swear, cleaning my own
family's garage totally prepared me for what I saw when we began.
Basically we took everything thing out of the garage, separated it
into different categories including tools, storage, trash, etc. Then
we put everything back into the garage, reorganizing everything. This
left room for one car to fit into the garage, and all of the tools
were easily accessible. When finished, we spent around 4 hours putting
this garage in order. We were exhausted, but it felt good seeing the
fruit of our labors.
     Yesterday at church for fifth Sunday the Morgan Park Ward does a
"Missionary Sunday," where the missionaries give talks and help in
preparing, blessing, and passing the sacrament. I had the opportunity
to speak on teaching and converting by the spirit.  It was the first
talk I've given since I've been on my mission! It was fun.
     On Friday we had a zone temple trip, and it was really special.
After the endowment session we all went to the mission home and had
lunch, which was really fun. I love going to the temple, it's such a
beautiful place that's full of the Spirit.
     Today for P-day we're not sure exactly what we're going to do.
Nevertheless I will try to send pictures later on. I love all of you,
thank you for the love and support. I can feel it everyday.

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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