Monday, July 25, 2016

8 Months!

So to start off the week we did quite a bit of service. We helped
move a family, the Cobias (who I am really sad are leaving), and there
was A LOT of lifting. We were pretty sore. On Wednesday we did a lot
of finding out in the heat, and we were pretty exhausted. Our last
appointment was around 7 o'clock and required a bit of a drive to get
there, and I honestly wasn't that excited about it. We taught a man
named Larry, and he lives in a care facility because he has cystic
fibrosis. However, the he also has diabetes that has cost him his
vision. He can see people, but he cannot read a book. He's told us how
frustrating it is when you have a college education and can't read. He
is SUPER prepared for the gospel. In our lesson we were planning on
teaching the Plan of Salvation. We got through explaining the pre
mortal life when stopped us and asked, " do you guys have a quarter?"
Feeling a little bit confused, I reached into my pocket and withdrew a
quarter. He told me to flip it, and while the quarter was airborne my
companion called heads. It came up tails. Larry them Said, "Alright, I
need someone to baptize me, and I didn't know how to pick, so I just
used a coin toss. Elder Phipps, since you won I guess you get to
baptize me." NO WAY. I'm so excited!!!! Larry told us that as he has
listening to the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true, he
has gained this feeling inside of him that he needs to be baptized.
All he wants to dos follow God and the plan that he has specifically
for him. He's already been going to a different Ward for a couple of
weeks, so hopefully he will come this week.

     One more really neat experience came on Friday afternoon, where
we visited the Forest family (no they don't live in a forest, ha ha).
I hadn't had the opportunity to meet with them in their home until
this visit, and I was really excited. During our spiritual thought
sister Forest bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the
truthfulness of the gospel. She explained that the Holy Ghost
testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to her as she read
a book called A Foe Beyond Reach (I don't remember who it's by, sorry
😕). It takes place during the book of Alma I think... Anyway it's
historical fiction. She explained that there is a part in the book
when a Nephite is a POW in a Lamanite prison. While there, he is to
denounce his faith, of be tortured until he gives up or dies. It was
during this part of the story, Sister Forest says, that solidified her
testimony of the Book of Mormon. It gave the people in personality and
a voice, and Sister Forest needed that.

     Today marks 8 months! I have been a missionary for 8 months... I
can't believe it! The time flies by SO fast. The days feel like weeks,
and the weeks feel like days. Pretty soon months just blur together...
I think I'll just be a missionary forever hahaha Love you all, thank
you for your prayers and love.

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

Sent from the Lord's hastening device

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