Monday, July 25, 2016


So this week was pretty cool. The first event that I feel is worthy of
this email is a lesson we had with an investigator named Olumide. She
and her family are from Nigeria and about two transfers ago they were
well on their way to baptism. Unfortunately one month we just couldn't
get ahold of them. Between Olumide's husband traveling out to Nigeria
and appointments that fell through, we had to drop them. Then, on
Wednesday evening, we got in with them again! It turns out that
Olumide had a couple questions about the Book of Mormon and we were
able to answer them sufficient to her desires. There is a bit of a
language barrier, she speaks Yoruba and French as her main languages,
but the spirit is definitely making up for what we can't verbally

We also met with Larry again! We were able to teach him about why our
Heavenly Father has given us commandments, and answer some questions
that he had. To top that all off he came to church yesterday!!! Woo!!
There was also a priesthood meeting after church that Larry attended,
and he really enjoyed it.

We also had our first zone training with President Bingham. Having
been an institute teacher before being mission President, he has
somewhat mastered the art of not just teaching effectively, but
teaching the gospel effectively. I can me to the training with quite a
few questions and amongst his words came the answers to ALL OF THEM.
LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE. I know that he truly is led by the spirit.
I love being a missionary! It's so awesome! I love you all, and I hope
you have a great week!

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