Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is the Way

Hey guys!

Thank you for the emails, they are often times the highlight of my Pdays. This past week was good. Last night we had a lesson with Brenden, one of our investigators, and it went really well. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit directed us to emphasize that he has a loving  Heavenly Father who knows him perfectly and wants the best for him. President Woodbury attended the lesson with us and that was super awesome. We extended a baptismal invitation to him and although he didn't give us a 'yes,' he is leaning towards joining the church. Just the other day he called us and said that he was thinking about becoming a member. He said "I'm a tough customer so I'm surprised I feel this way." We told him that the trust that he had in us, and the peace he felt as we taught was the spirit, and that it was letting him know that what we said was true. This was one of the coolest experiences I have had since I've been out. I'm grateful that the spirit was able to work through us enough to soften Brenden's heart. I know that this church is true. I know that our Heavenly Father provided a way for us to return to him, and an older brother that atoned for our sins. I am so grateful for that sacrifice, that act of perfect selflessness which opened the gate to eternal salvation " And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen." We have started this journey. It is our responsibility to share this glorious message with our fellow man. Be an example to those around you. Search the scriptures, pray to our Heavenly Father and most of all remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. This is the way. I love you all, thank you for your prayers. Till next time

-Elder Phipps

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