Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christmas Call

Hey guys! 

Thanks for the emails mom and dad, I'm glad you're talk went well dad, I'm sure people in the congregation felt your conviction. I try to make you proud every day. Mom I hope you feel better, I'll pray for you!! Yes, I have used the camera, but I'll wait until that cord comes to send all the pictures I have on it. I have a bunch from the MTC, and they're weird lol so don't make too much fun of me. Are you serious, I got the only sees candy??  (We always get the kids See's for Christmas.  We got Tai's early since we had to mail it, but when we went back to get more our favorite was sold out!) Some ants got to them so I had to throw them away!!!  I'm glad I haven't been forgotten back home, it makes me feel better lol we have been super busy today, and spent our entire Pday moving a family into their home, so that's why I haven't emailed yet. It's been snowing/hailing all day, and it made the move a lot more difficult, but it was good. Christmas was pretty cool, I'm really glad I was able to skype the fam. I love you all, stay warm and enjoy the California weather. 
Love, Elder Phipps

*We were blessed to have a long phone call with Tai on Christmas Day.  By Christmas he had only been gone for 6 weeks.  You don't realize how much you can miss someone until that moment when you see their face again.  Surprisingly, we didn't even cry.  We were just so happy to see him happy and in good spirits, though we expected nothing less.

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