Sunday, January 31, 2016

Repent Often

Hey guys!

Sorry about not writing last week, I was in the middle of writing emails and we all of a sudden had a spontaneous lesson at the library. It didn't lead to anything but know that you were not forgotten. These last couple of weeks were pretty cool. We have been able to see a lot of tender mercies in this frigid whether. Finding new people to teach in these conditions is really hard, but we have a couple of solid investigators. The most solid investigator is Brenden, who I believe I mentioned in a previous email. He took us to lunch last week at a place called Walker Bros. Original Pancake House, a place I'm sure our family is destined to eat. As we ate he asked us a lot about repentance. It was so cool to bear our testimonies about the atonement and see the spirit testify to him that we knew that the atonement could help him, that he can have a clean slate again. "As often as my people will repent, I will forgive them..." or something like that. It says as often they will repent, not five times, or that after the 5th offense it takes 6 times as long to repent, it says as many times as WE will repent. The atonement is a beautiful thing, and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to introduce that forgiving power into someones life. I listened to a BYU devotional that describes the atonement through Christ's perspective. Through the atonement, he is saying 'come unto me. Let me heal you, cast upon me your every care. I know you, so let me fix you. I am glad to know that you are doing well and I am super happy that Sam is spending less time on video games. I want to issue you a challenge. I invite you to get a fresh copy of the BOM and reread it in your own 'personal study.' While you read, highlight or mark any references to the atonement. When you are finished, look back and let me know what you find. I love you and am trying to make you proud every day. Until next week.

-Elder Phipps

(We all had to ask Tai about a pillow because he said he didn't have one and kept forgetting to get one.  So for 2 weeks, we all asked him about 30 times if he had gotten a pillow yet.  He finally did!)

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