Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yay for Pictures!!!

We're fortunate that there is a facebook group for the area that Tai serves in.  It's a treat anytime we see a picture of him pop up.  He does have a camera and his mission uses an ipad, but he doesn't have a cord that connects the two.  So the only pictures we have of him are those that others have sent, not ones he has actually taken and sent!  I'll be getting a cord to connect the camera and ipad and having Amazon send that to him this week!

So for now, here are some random photos we've seen over the last month.

 Tai with his first companion, Elder Baum. 

Tai, along with other missionaries in his area, enjoying breakfast with the set of older missionaries that work in the office.  They take good care of these young men and women.

Christmas in Chicago!  Riding the Santa Express Train that you have to be lucky enough to get the chance to ride on!

End of District Conference.  Yes, that's Tai.  The only one without his suit jacket on.  

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