Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunshine, Success and a Snowboard

Hey everyone!
     To kick things off I just want to elaborate on this weeks email
title. First off, the whether here has been super nice. When we got
out of church yesterday at noon, we got in thrice and the temperature
outside was 74 degrees. 74!!! I don't know what happened to winter,
but all I know is Mother Nature seems to be very confused right now
lol jk
     We also saw quite a bit of success in our finding efforts this
week. We tend to talk to a looooooooooooot of people who aren't very
interested in learning more about Christ's church. However these
rejections have given us the opportunity to intuitively start up a
conversation about something these people do like, in hopes that maybe
it will soften their hearts. Often times the door closes before we get
the opportunity to ask any other questions but this week was
different. We were doing some tracting and knocked on guy's door, who
answered and said that he believed in science and math, not God. At
this point I took the opportunity to mention my appreciation for his
Dr. Who shirt (it had a picture of a weeping angel on it. Shout out to
my brother Jack for getting me hooked on that show 🙏🏽). We got
talking about that, and eventually the spirit softened his heart. We
now have a return appointment for this next week with him and his
     Last but not least we have the snowboard. So the back story to
this one is that every Sunday on our way to and from church we pass a
house that for the last week and a half or so has had a snowboard
sitting by their trash cans. Now snowboarding is literally a childhood
dream of mine, and one of my best friends, Jeremy, actually took me
snowboarding for the first time three-ish years ago. Anyway, I was
really curious whether or not they were still using this board or not.
So one day this last week we decided to tract that area. When we got
to he house with the snowboard, we got there right as someone was
leaving the house. We offered a message to him, but he said that he
was a Jehovah's Witness, and wouldn't take any material from us. We
had kind of a bro moment, where all three of us were like, "yeah man,
knocking doors is hard sometimes," which was really cool. I then asked
him about the snowboard, and he said they were planning on throwing it
away, and that we could have it. When we got to the truck I was so
happy!! Hahaha I haven't been that excited about something not
missionary related for a very long time lol
     On Sunday President and Sister Bingham spoke in Sacrament
meeting, and they were some of the most powerful talks I've heard in a
long time. The spirit was so strong, and it was just what two of our
investigators needed to hear. I know the Lord hears and answers our
prayers, and that he wants to bless us. In the words of President
Bingham, "I know that this is Christ's church. We aren't just some
church that believes in Jesus Christ, this is His church." I love you
all. I hope everyone in California is doing okay. I hear it's raining
out there? What the heck when does that ever happen?? Haha till next

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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