Monday, February 22, 2016

A lax crosse stick??

Hey Everyone,

I feel really bad about this month.

Transfers were today and they are closing an area in our district. Elder Hannesson and I have spent most of the last couple days helping clean out the apartment, and making sure that the area car was clean. I was also on exchanges yesterday (out of my area)  and literally did not get to a place where I am able to email. It feels like I'm just throwing excuses at you but it is true. I have to leave for an appointment in 15 min, so I will fit in as much as I can. 

Their names are Victor and Damarus (I have briefly mentioned them before... I think) and they are awesome! Victor is from Puerto Rico and English is his second language, but he speaks it very well. We found them via a bible referral. He requested a free bible and we came to drop it off to him. As soon as he saw us at the door, he welcomed us into his home. We sat and talked for a long while, and he had mentioned to us that he had been praying to know what church to join ( I was like, 'bingo!') and wanted to learn more. Damarus, his wife, is a hairdresser and has quite a few LDS clients. She told us that she was interested in putting their 16 yr old daughter into the church's youth program. The next lesson we have scheduled for them has been planned out so that the young men's president and his 17 yr old daughter can come with us. The work in my area isn't very fruitful, but we have awesome members who are great missionaries. Mom, Damarus told us about her upbringing and how it was pretty abusive, and I felt prompted to share some of your story. Elder Hannesson and I could tell that she was touched by it and she pondered on it for a long while. These two people and their family are awesome. They are so genuine and loving, and I love when I get to share stories of how you both have taught and raised me. We even contacted the manager of an IHop today who had already taken the lessons a couple years ago! Thank you so much for your prayers and love. They definitely help.

Elder Phipps
P.S. I got a lax stick and some socks

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