Sunday, April 2, 2017

When Crap Hits the Fan

So I have to say that this week has been the most chaotic week of
my mission. So up until Wednesday everything was normal. We taught a
pretty good amount of lessons, but our whole week pretty much got
turned on it's head right after district meeting. Elder Carter was
called to be the new AP (assistant to the mission President), and he
was surprise transferred right then. We went home, he packed in like
40 minutes, which has to be a new world record, and then he was
shipped off. Neither of us were anticipating that, so I was left with
Elder Rogers in Crystal Lake, who's companion went home due to a
seizure he had Sunday. We were informed that we are to hold down the
fort in both our areas till transfers, the problem being that our
areas are separated by an hours drive. Sooo needless to say this last
week definitely helped me prioritize what tasks needed to get done
      One lesson we had this week that really hit me was our meeting
with Lee. Lee is an army vet who saw action in Vietnam and Dessert
Storm. He was in the armored cavalry, which basically means he was in
a tank the whole time. I don't remember if or how much I've written
home about Lee, but he is one of my favorite people in the entire
world. He's not a member, and has yet to dive into the Book of Mormon,
but we truly are "brothers in Christ," as he calls us. I would walk
through the fires of hell of that man. Please keep him in your prayers
that his heart will be softened to the message of the gospel.
     Saturday night we got our transfer calls, and I'm leaving Lake
Villa! They are going to be whitewashing our area with sister
missionaries, and I will be shipping down to Valparaiso, Indiana! I'll
be Greenie-busting an Elder Ward, who I've never met, but I'm super
excited! I'll also be the District Leader, and I get to go on
exchanges with Elder Dodge!! 🤘🏽I'm going to miss Lake Villa so much,
and I'm really nervous about what's going to happen to Steve and
Chris, but they are (hopefully) being left in good hands, I know the
ward and the sisters will take care of them.
   I got to say goodbye to most of the ward yesterday, and honestly my
heart hurt a little. I've been able to develop a good relationship
with the ward members. When I come back and visit the mission Lake
Villa is one of the top stops.
    Today for P-day we are going to be Frolfing (playing frisbee
golf), and it's Elder Obrey's last P-day in the mission, so we're
going to go eat somewhere cool. Pics are to come, there are a lot of
one's with members, but hopefully I'll be able to send some off from
today. I love you all!

Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

(The members in this area were so sweet.  We would get texts with pictures of him out of the blue from members in the ward, usually moms that had their own children on a mission who knew we would love to see his cute face.  So grateful for the time he had to spend in this area.)

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