Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference for Missionaries is like Star Wars for my Brothers

 Hey everyone! I had a lot of really spiritual experiences this
week, and met a lot of really cool people. We started off last week
playing basketball with some investigators from the Gary, Indiana
area, where I found found out how bad I am at basketball. I felt like
I was guarding young Steph Curry. These guys would just float to the
rim lol it was sad. Still fun though! Chicagoans don't mess around
when it comes to sports. I found out that Pedram, an investigator from
Iran, is a professional soccer player, and was the youngest person to
every make the national squad in Iran. Then we met the legion of dunk
last Monday, so that's been pretty cool. I was also able to get to
know a member a little bit more on Saturday, and found out that he was
an Army Ranger for three or four years. It makes a lot of sense now.
He is probably one of the most chill guys I know, and I've noticed
that his four sons are extremely bright. They are so cool.
     Then we had General Conference! Dang that was such an awesome
experience. My favorite talks were the three on the Spirit. They each
highlighted the same eternal truths about the divine role of the Holy
Ghost (which is just another name for the Spirit) in our individual
lives, but they each talked about unique situations and places where
the Spirit can help our lives. I really liked Elder Oaks talk where he
talked about the Doctrine of the Godhead. There are a lot of people
that we run into that believe in the trinity who try to debate their
way out of a lesson. I have also seen some misdirection among members
of the church about what we believe. Simply stated by President
Bingham, "because God has a body, as well as Jesus Christ, that makes
our relationship with Him more Personal. We were created in His Divine
image, with divine potential..."
    One more highlight experience was a baptismal interview I did for
a guy named Adam, who is probably one of the most solid people I have
ever met. He told me a lot about what he did before who met the
missionaries, and how he's a completely different person now. His wife
and some of his kids are in California, and they are all flying out
for the baptism. I think they're taking the lessons too. Anyway that's
about it for this week. There were some unique spiritual experiences
that I don't think I'll share with everyone, but there was some really
good stuff happening. I love you all! Today for P-day we've been
fishing. Haven't caught anything, but hopefully we can change that.
Have an awesome week! 😃
Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

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  1. He is such a solid, insightful, positive, and good, good man. Love that Elder Phipps!