Monday, April 25, 2016

The Priesthood is Real

Hey guys!
I hope all is well and warm back in California. This week has been
pretty cool (I know I always say that lol). This Sunday there was an
investigator at church who Elder Hannesson and I were really excited
about. His name is Andrew (I may have mentioned him a couple weeks
ago) and he is a Humanist. That basically means that he's an atheist
but he isn't anti-theist. He was visiting our ward for a college
assignment and he was actually really excited to be back. Unlike the
first time he came, Andrew stayed through all three hours of church.
He really enjoyed Gospel principles and during class was the first
time he had been introduced to the idea of a pre-mortal existence. He
was fascinated with this concept and expressed an interest in learning
more. In other news, my efforts to stay in shape have been in vain.
Despite eating healthier, and moderately consistent exercise, I am
slowly getting chubby... Well more chubby than when I got to Chicago.
However we just got permission to download this fitness app that I am
looking forward to using. Anyways that's about it for news. It's
getting pretty warm here, which is awesome because that means more
people will be out on the streets. Life is good. Thank you for your
prayers. I strive everyday to be the missionary the Lord wants me to
be. I know I am supposed to be here at this time. Love you lots
-Elder Fa'afetai Phipps

P.S. I am sending a bunch of photos. Some are really old, some are
more recent. Hope you like them! Sorry for not sending the rest of my
experience. (Translation...a bunch to Tai means 4)

When Elder Hannesson and I talked to president about what happened, he
told us that sometimes the Lord allows these kinds of experiences to
happen, so that we can grow even more. A couple days ago in personal
study I found that reason to be that the Lord wanted me to know that
my priesthood authority is real. On like, the second page of Preach My
Gospel there is a whole section on the power and authority of being an
Elder. It is the truth, and I love it. Till next week!

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